Our intelligent and focused approach to the management and planning of your wealth is designed to ensure that your assets are performing to the best of their abilities. We work with our clients to understand their goals and to produce clearly defined objectives which form the foundation of the strategic plan we design for you.

Families who sustain their wealth across multiple generations manage the wealth as they would a well-run company

In order to achieve enduring success, families should define a clear objective and purpose for their wealth, put in place appropriate professional management and set out a strategic plan on how to achieve those goals

We aim to help define a clear strategy to help clients manage and maximise their family wealth.

We provide the foundation for ongoing advice and family office support.

We take day to day responsibility for the management of clients’ wealth.


Strategy, Structure & Governance
We can help clients define the purpose of their wealth by understanding everyone’s roles within the family and creating a decision-making framework to establish a long-term strategy.

Working with a family’s trusted advisers
Ensuring all our clients’ family’s advisers have the information and insights necessary to make informed and effective decisions.

Discretionary Investment Management
Taking day to day responsibility for the management of client families’ investment portfolios with discretion and making changes where appropriate.

Advisory Investment Management
Advising clients on the day to day management of their investment portfolios.

Optimising the network of providers
Ensuring appropriate advisers are identified and sought to meet client families’ individual needs with a detailed analysis of fees and any cost savings that could be achieved.

Global Custodian
Reviewing all global custody providers in order to identify a provider that meets the specific need of each client family.

Consolidated Reporting
Offering sophisticated reporting software, with online capability, that allows clients to see all their assets consolidated in one report.

Reconciliation and Quality Control
Our experienced back office team double checks all entries posted by custodians, ensuring no errors and overcharging of fees.

Client service
With an experienced team of relationship managers looking after a small number of clients we are able to deliver the highest levels of personal service.