McFaddens & Co Group Limited (McFaddens & Co) is an independent global multi-family office business that has been established by a City of London law firm and an international corporate advisory business in order to service an unmet market need.

We are dedicated to managing and coordinating our clients’ financial and legal affairs. For the successful, modern family with busy, complex lives, our service provides a focal point of coordination, freeing up precious time for our clients to maximize their lives.

Our multi-family office group offers its clients a global service that provides privacy, protection and performance.

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Our intelligent and focused approach to the management and planning of your wealth is designed to ensure that your assets are performing to the best of their abilities. We work with our clients to understand their goals and to produce clearly defined objectives which form the foundation of the strategic plan we design for you.

Our Strategic Advisory is built on years of experience and go far beyond the scope of traditional Wealth Management services. We have developed a full range of investment banking services, focusing on long-term value-creation for clients.

Our Lifestyle Advisory takes care of our clients’ needs outside of the corporate and business environment.

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services to best accommodate our clients’ legal and business requirements and cater for a spectrum of clients ranging from private individuals to large corporations both in the UK and abroad.

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