McFaddens & Co has two distinct offerings under the Advisory label –  Strategic Advisory and Lifestyle Advisory.

Our strategic advisory offering is built on years of experience working with entrepreneurs, business evolution and corporate advisory. We understand that the needs of our clients go far beyond the scope of traditional Wealth Management services. In order to address these needs and provide them with innovative solutions, we have developed a full range of investment banking services, focusing on long-term corporate value-creation for clients.

Our Lifestyle Advisory takes care of our clients’ needs outside of the corporate and business environment, and is more geared to areas of life such as real estate, leisure, travel, antiquities, art, wine, education, automobiles, vacations, premium sporting events and other associated lifestyle needs. We have relationships with service providers who are best in class in their fields.


Strategic Advisory

McFaddens & Co’s Strategic Advisory team is composed of seasoned investment banking, legal  and accounting professionals. They are able to work across sectors and jurisdictions to offer objective corporate finance and institutional solutions to clients and their businesses.


Mergers & Acquisitions

McFaddens & Co acts for clients  expertly whether on the buy-side or on the sell-side. The team operates at the heart of the  process, prepares the  documentation, gives impartial and objective advice about the comparable merits of received bids, and participates in negotiations. It also advises prospective buyers in identifying potential targets, leads the financial due diligence exercise, assists in negotiations and secures acquisition financing.



McFaddens & Co provides innovative solutions for the restructuring of existing debt and equity capital . The team implements defensive strategies aiming at keeping businesses shielded from aggressive creditors while implementing a financial and industrial restructuring.


Private Debt

McFaddens & Co advises clients on cost-efficient fund-raising through private debt issuance. The team structures, arranges and drives private placements of loans and bond issues, relying on its wide distribution network of credit-oriented alternative asset managers, direct-lending funds and family offices.


Structured Finance

McFaddens & Co executes structured finance transactions, including securitisations, and advises its clients on alternatives to plain vanilla funding options. The team leverages on its longstanding experience, market access and execution expertise as well as its placement capabilities with a wide variety of investors including institutional real money accounts. Securitisation transactions include commodity offtakes, infrastructure or other long dated well-rated cash flows, re-characterised or re-packaged as appropriate.


Private Equity / Special Situations

McFaddens & Co can assist clients and their businesses in their capital raising efforts. The team can advise companies in growing their core activities, initiating new businesses and making targeted acquisitions to support their long-term strategy.


Lifestyle Advisory

In co-operation with external specialists, we can offer our clients lifestyle management covering general day to day family matters and taking care of personal requirements such as aircraft, yachts, classic cars and other rare vehicles and collectables, from fine wine to art, and other antiquities. We can also use McFaddens & Co’s extensive experience in international real estate and sports.

Our consultation services begin when you wish, for example to purchase, lease or rent a jet. We discuss your wishes and requirements and find the right solution for you. When traveling privately by aircraft, your movement profile must comply with extensive and complex regulations and requirements. We can take care of everything for you, including all aspects of flight operations, right up to the sale of your jet.

With our international partners, we can take care of the purchase, construction, overhauling, leasing and charter yachts in both the commercial and private sector. We can gather the information, process the paperwork and execute payments regarding taxes, customs duties, financing, choice of flag, registration, maintenance and operation and choice of crew.

We have relationships across the luxury marketplace and can service our clients’ needs for pretty much anything they desire, from aircraft, yachts, art, horses, etc to other passion investments.

We can offer our clients comprehensive advice regarding private properties. This service extends from the concierge service (e.g. organisation of the facility management of a property abroad) to tax advice in the area of property or tax implications when purchasing property abroad.

Thanks to our co-operation with some carefully selected external specialists, we can also offer our clients support in the area of art. We advise our clients according to their preferences or affinities, but also in terms of investment strategy or investment opportunities.

We can even assist with our client families’ education needs for their children and assist in their development through our network of global contacts.

We endeavour to provide a turnkey solution to our clients to assist in the management of their family’s lives.