McFaddens LLP provides a comprehensive range of legal services to best accommodate clients’ legal and business requirements and caters for a spectrum of clients ranging from private individuals to large corporations both in the UK and abroad.

McFaddens LLP does not have a rigid departmental structure and our people are often extensively experienced in 2 or more different practice areas which provides for well-rounded and candid advice. The diversity of the client base adds to the breadth and depth of commercial experience and expertise.

McFaddens & Co is currently not a law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and solely carries out non-reserved activities in-house, providing the remainder of its services through McFaddens LLP, a firm regulated by the SRA under number 446470

Private Client

As the name suggests, this department is about people. It is not just about money and taxes, important though they are.

The basic cycle of birth, marriage and death always continues. Each stage brings a change in your life and you should take stock and decide whether your legal affairs are in order. You may want to make a will, provide for a child or create a trust or other structure for someone who, from age or infirmity, cannot look after themselves.

Our task is to ensure your wishes with regard to your family and your property are carried out. Our team is highly skilled in these areas of law and sensitive to your needs. We have a wealth of knowledge and can help you whether the matter is simple or complex.

Wills & Estate Planning

Everyone who cares about what happens to their family and their property should make a will. It is the only way you can ensure that your wishes are carried out. If you do not make a will the rules of intestacy come into play and the selection of your personal representatives and distribution of your estate will be governed by rules over which you have no control.

It is especially important for those living together who are not married to make a will to ensure that your property goes as you and your family would wish. Making a will is usually a straightforward procedure and carried out quickly at low cost.


Trusts have always been a significant part of the work of the Private Client Department. They are not only useful for minimising tax but are widely used to look after assets either for beneficiaries not able to look after themselves for reasons of age or infirmity, or where outright ownership among a number of people would be disadvantageous. They are often used to hold land or shares in family companies.

The setting up of a trust is a technical process and will have tax implications. We can give you advice based on our long experience and, if you wish, we can run and administer it for you.

We also advise beneficiaries and trustees of their legal duties and rights under trusts, and how to break trusts.

Corporate & Commercial

From start-up ventures to publicly quoted groups, our Corporate and Commercial Department provides a wide range of legal expertise that is client focused and solution oriented to assist you with the smooth management of your business. From mergers and acquisitions to flotations and raising finance, our team is dedicated to assisting your company with its development and continued growth.

We offer advice on:

  • Corporate finance
  • Capital markets
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Commercial contracts
  • Terms and conditions of business
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Share option schemes
  • Partnership law and procedures
  • Intellectual property
  • Internet law
  • Company secretarial services

Real Estate

Property – both commercial and residential – has always been one of our strengths.

We act for a variety of commercial property clients both large and small, take care to understand their particular needs and aspirations.

The Property Department handles a broad spectrum of commercial property including acquisitions and disposals, leasing, investments and estate development, as well as providing day-to-day advice needed in portfolio management.

We also handle all types of residential property. We understand that buying and selling your home is so much more than a “routine” matter. We make sure that each buyer or seller is treated as a valued client, who sometimes needs not only guidance but quite often some comfort once their transaction gets under way. Communication is one of our strengths and we try to ensure that clients always know and understand what is happening.


Few areas of the law change as frequently as employment law. The increasing influence of the European Union has heightened the need for employers to keep up to date with legislation affecting the workplace.

Employees are often the greatest asset of a business and a good employer has a clear and concise understanding of workplace practices. It is a must for every employee to receive a written contract of employment but problems do of course still arise.

The majority of problems can be solved amicably and we will always try to ensure that they are, but sometimes matters are taken out of an employer’s hands by an aggrieved employee. Having the correct policies and procedures in place, in line with recognised good practice, can save a lot of time and money. Failure to deal with employment issues can be expensive in terms of management time and, in difficult cases, the legal costs of defending claims and the potential risk of substantial monetary awards by Tribunals and Courts can be prohibitive.

Our diverse range of experience means we are able to provide a complete and well-rounded service which focuses on providing practical advice and commercial solutions.

We have particular experience in:

  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Drafting and advising on policies and procedures
  • Settling all types of disputes
  • Handling cases at tribunals and in the courts
  • Enforcing restrictive covenants
  • Wrongful and constructive dismissal
  • Sex and race discrimination and disability issues
  • Employment status and temporary worker issues
  • Incentivising and rewarding staff.
  • Confidentiality

On the contentious side, we have a long and extensive experience in dealing with all types of employment disputes, from enforcing restrictive covenants in the High Court to defending claims in Employment Tribunals. However, since commerciality is often the key, we are always looking for ways of resolving disputes in the most cost-effective manner possible for our clients.

Dispute Resolution

From straightforward debt recovery to complex international litigation and arbitration, our Litigation Department provides a highly personal and focused service to corporate and individual clients alike. We ensure that the client is given a defined strategy at the outset and we pride ourselves on our commitment to seeing each case through to a successful conclusion.

We cover most areas of litigation, including:

  • Asset recovery and investigations
  • Civil fraud
  • Contractual disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency
  • International arbitration
  • Misrepresentation and breach of warranty claims
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Professional negligence claims

Sports Law

Via McFaddens LLP, we have the ability to advise on Sports law. The Sports Law Department exists because of the excellent reputation of McFaddens LLP’s existing range of work and indeed complements them. Anyone who has been involved in Sports Law realises that it’s not just about negotiating contracts and endorsements for players.

The Sports Law Department has been involved in the following:

  • The sale of a Premiership club
  • The sale of a League One club
  • Providing legal services to a League Two club
  • Expertise within FIFA’s disciplinary tribunals
  • Concluding deals with clubs for players in multiple leagues around the world
  • Concluding deals with clubs for Coaches/Managers
  • Sourcing funds and preparation of transactional documents for funding for Premiership clubs

McFaddens through McFaddens LLP also has expertise in relation to the safety and regulation of sport (and any disputes relating thereto), particularly the duties of care owed by sporting regulatory bodies, both nationally and internationally.

The advantages of instructing McFaddens & Co for your Sports Law needs are manifold as you will get the integrity and security of a firm of well-established City of London lawyers with international reach working on your behalf as well as the experience, expertise, contacts and network of a well-respected team. Whether you are a player seeking representation and doors opened to clubs, a club looking for a new direction and investment, an Agent seeking fresh contacts for your practice, or a person or corporate entity seeking advice within the world of Sports Law we are confident that our Sports Law Team will be able to provide you with the very highest quality of advice and representation.

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